Week 3 – Promoted is a four letter word..

I’ve struggled with the idea of Promoted Tweets for a while now. 

Social media has become such a wonderful tool for so many corporations to use, in order to reach a wider audience and network further. I realize that a majority of corporations see it as a major marketing tool – alongside the use of ad space in magazines, tv commercials etc. and the best part is that it’s free. Of course companies would want to take full advantage of this new medium and its ability to reach hundreds of thousands of people. 

Social media gives regular people the opportunity to become journalists, influencers, report the news and make an impact on society.  The fight against one way communication started to take a new stand. It is no longer corporations telling us what to think and when to think it. We are able to think for ourselves and speak for ourselves and concentrate on what matters to us

My issue with promoted tweets is that it seems to be taking the best part of social media, its freedom, and flushing it down the toilet. It’s large corporations and companies once again buying the ability to get people to notice them by force not by choice. It’s taking money to reach their audience instead of using creativity and awareness.

New social media outlets like Pinterest are quietly working again companies ‘promoting’ themselves via social media. They are allowing them to connect with their audiences but not by force, only by choice. I understand Twitters ROI behind promoted tweets but if anything, tweets that are ‘promoted’ are always labelled as such and never have me doing anything but ignoring them.  




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